Thursday, September 24, 2009


Cutting a paper from 30 pages to 15 to turn in next week. Pretty messy since I have to take out the sections that refer to documents not in the public domain. Interestingly enough, a copy of the manuscript that I used for my dissertation, and that the family took back its permission to work with, has been found in an archive in Cincinnati. So does their withdrawal of permission not matter anymore? Not something I'm dealing with at the moment, but food for thought. I think it means that the sister who donated the manuscript to this other archive (it's a microfilm) didn't trust her brother to make the manuscript public. Correctly so, I'd say.

Otherwise, reading The Well-Crafted Sentence by Nora Bacon and The Latehomecomer by Kao Kalia Yang. Thinking about my next attempt at comp I online. I liked the WCS for its practical approach to better sentences especially recognizing audience and purpose. The Late Homecomer is Century's common book text this year. I thought about writing a paper on the commmon book project, using all three examples, but I'm back to revising the earlier paper on memoir. Next week I'll be back to teaching and grading, but I'm enjoying the time to think about writing and course crafting at the moment.

Lots of families with little kids here at the American Club. I'm here for the internet this morning and then meeting Lisa for lunch.

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