Sunday, September 20, 2009

for the lack of a cord

Matan's cello did not work well last week. He stopped trying to tune it. Said the bridge was moving. We were waiting to see what happened when his teacher came to the first lesson.

Then the teacher said, let's start after the holidays, and it was such a letdown. When I explained that all practice was on hold until he checked the cello, he did come over that evening. Said Matan was right to stop since there was a problem with the cord. Little threads had been stripped and it was slipping, soon to pop. The cord holds the tailpiece to the endpin. In addition, if the piece inside the cello falls (it's usually held in place by the tension of the strings and the bridge), then there's nothing the teacher could do to help with the repair. So he put all of the pieces back together, tight enough to maintain pressure on the soundpost, loose enough to not strip the last threads in the cord.

I started to email with Matan's teacher in the States -- how do we solve this? Don't know why it didn't occur to me to just order it from Cellos2Go, where we order things from in the States. Sometimes I feel as though I have blocks in my brain. That I am so far out of my element that it doesn't occur to me to do things the way I would in the States. Paypal works fine from here; the internet doesn't care where I'm ordering a part from! Anyway, with a little help from my friends, my brain kicked in and the part is ordered. Takes awhile to get here and I'm tempted to order two -- one via diplomatic pouch and the other express mail. Not sure I've ever seen a mail delivery in Dhaka. We get notices from Matan's school by special delivery to the door.

So the cello practicing is still on hold.

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