Sunday, September 27, 2009

Leonard Cohen in Israel

Since you're probably as tired of reading about laundry as I am writing about it, have a look at this article on the concert last week. I'm so glad we got to his concert in MN or I'd really be wishing to have been in Ramat Gan.

Internet is back at home after 5 days of being out (the landlord was on vacation -- his dad doesn't do internet fixing). Sunshine is back, with the downside that the apartment was probably 90 degrees last night. Drumming (Durga Puja) is now going on until 1am and starting up again at 6am, but that holiday ends tomorrow.

Probably shouldn't read blogs of people who have drivers and travel widely, especially if I know who they are. Feeling like the Fulbright program expects us to be smart people and figure out how to manage living somewhere new. And not feeling like I have any time or energy to do the things that I supposedly came here to do.

Listening to Leonard Cohen probably doesn't remedy this situation, but it does remind me that tonight starts Yom Kippur. Zom kal and gmar hatima tova.

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  1. Kris, you are doing a great job of coping with difficult situations with little help from Fulbright! I'm hoping the connections you're making at the American Club can provide more resources for you - and that you get hold of a washing machine soon :) (I too remember my mothers old wringer-washer)