Monday, September 21, 2009

taking advantage of days off

Great picture of the crowds leaving by boat, but it didn't show up -- go see it here. I'm assuming the moon was sighted and that all of the commotion outside is indeed Eid! There are loud celebrations going in every mosque and I think we have mosques in every direction.

Other news links, and I've been saving them, is that apparently 5 million out of 12 million residents have left Dhaka for the week. Hasn't been a load shedding (electrical outage) for a few days. It's not quite as hot either, though I think that's not a function of fewer people!

As for not finding Jewish families to celebrate Rosh Hashana, there seems to be some question about how many Jewish families there really are here. The article advocates religious pluralism as possible in Bangladesh, but recoginizes the serious discrimination especially of the Hindu minority.

I woke up this morning thinking I should have rented a car for this week off, even if we weren't leaving the city with all the crowds. But when I met with the rental agency, my mind was thinking about the long-term rental (which I'm really debating), and didn't think about just taking advantage of this week. So I'm again frustrated about my not-very-creative thinking. We've had a quiet vacation and maybe that's what I needed to get the brain re-activated and/or re-adjusted.

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