Sunday, September 6, 2009

if the biggest issue is swim goggles...

then things are settling down! A quiet weekend with all of the electricity, hot water and internet that we needed (hmmm, I guess that means we're used to only one computer connecting to the internet in the apartment). In addition, we were invited out Saturday night to Iftar and it was fun to go to someone's home.

Friday was pretty low-key. All I did was bring the paperwork to the American Club and get that membership taken care of. And then I went swimmming at Matan's school. Saw him playing flag football on the field outside the pool. We miscommunicated though about leaving together to find dinner (maybe at the A&W?!), so he thought I left and he went home. I was reading across from the pool, rather than in the rotunda where we usually meet.

So Friday night we stayed in and I started re-reading the last Harry Potter. Should have known that would take up Saturday, if I started it! Saturday was rainy and I didn't feel like taking two rickshaws to aquatic aerobics espcially after I swam Friday. Our only mission for the day was swim goggles! This has been a particularly goofy learning curve and we are now on goggles #5 and 6. We brought from the States but they were broken from the start. I bought a pair that was too small and we bought a pair in Kolkata. Matan's gym lock was cut since he didn't understand that he can't leave it locked; everything has to go home everyday. So that Kolkata pair might be in the lost and found, and he'll check there, but meanwhile, no spare points to lose on not having goggles today (Sunday), so we went to find another pair. This time I got a pair for me, too.

Also Saturday, Matan joined me at the American club and got his own membership card. It's more like a country club in terms of spacious, grassy layout, than what he was expecting it to look like (maybe Shoreview's community center). Hope he finds it a good place to hang out with the high school kids. Considering our apartment is out-of-district, we are actually very close to both the school and the American club, so the main reason some folks don't join -- the transportation time -- is really not an issue for us. It is a bit pricey, and if we eat a lot of meals there (in dollars), it could become a budget issue, but so far, we've been pretty frugal and this seems important to Matan.

Still no cello lessons, but he is playing. The cello does not stay tuned well in the humidity and that is frustrating, but I think it's a solid instrument and he's getting some beautiful sounds from it.

Last night Amanda from the Fulbright students came over so that Parvez's driver could pick us all up here. She's moving further south in Dhaka soon, so we won't be living so close by or seeing each other at Bangla classes every day. Parvez came for one semester with his wife and two kids. They homeschool so the kids are continuing pretty much what they'd be doing in Florida in many ways. They do have relatives here and in Kolkata, so it's somewhat a long visit for them. Parvez explained the food, the prayers, the different ways of interpreting customs. It was a pleasure to be invited to share with them.

Started the week off with not getting my homework done. I'm not a very good example for Matan and he wasn't exactly saying he'd finished his. I guess getting out the books Sat morning at least reminded him that he'd need goggles, so we did accomplish something.

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