Tuesday, September 8, 2009

when only 5% of the people have cars

according to yesterday's paper, in Dhaka, car ownership is only found among 5% of the people. so we realize just how much we have. I'd like to think that we could manage with better public transportation, but we may be looking at cars and drivers.

the unrelenting need here overwhelms. on a daily basis, as I walk, people attach themselves to me. sometimes it's beggars and we've really been warned not to give to them, so many are connected to rackets, and espcially not to take out wallets in public as we go. but some folks have asked for jobs, for visas, for me to take them home. even Matan has been asked if he could provide work for someone.

the maid is here (I'm working on lesson plans at home) and in the first 10 minutes, she asked for an Eid bonus, for my new outfit, for help for her brother's kidney problems. all the while she's sitting, her back hurts and it's Ramadan, and I feel cruel hoping that the sheets will nonetheless get washed.

we're going to try "take two" on the taxi tonight at 8pm. this time, we're going out to supper between the end of wall-climbing and the beginning of badminton and I'm going to wait with Matan at the school so if there are any problems, he won't be by himself. I'm also in touch with a couple of taxi and car rental places. we do have to find a solution.

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