Monday, September 28, 2009

meeting more people

Appropriately enough on erev yom kippur, to find someone who is taking an online course on the Holocaust via Yad Vashem in Jerusalem. AND she's the librarian at Matan's school. What a pleasure! Her name was sent to me by my phd advisor who will be speaking with her on a panel in June (at the conference we'd gone to in Hawaii. It's in England this year, not quite on my way home timing-wise).

We are invited to dinner this week at her home and will continue our conversation there. AND she's offered to help us with the laundry since she has both washing machine and drier, maid and driver. We'll see how this option works!

Other than that, life in Dhaka is back to normal -- more people using less electricity meant 3 load shedding episodes yesterday at the apartment. It's also sunny and hot, so the air-conditioners are being used more. Back to school tomorrow. Still have papers to grade and the revision to finish.

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