Monday, September 14, 2009

my first day of school

It was nice to be in the classroom and meeting new people. The first class is one I've taught before -- even to the Garrison Keillor article on how he writes -- same discussion of his images and with added plus of telling them what Minnesota and Lake Waubegon are. Second class is new to me, but they seem even more interested in the material.

There was a general strike today from 6-12noon about gas drilling rights, but there seemed to be little impact on the school. Many students came, less in the class before noon, more in the later class.

AND I had a ride home! It was raining but I was inside a car! I'll have rides from the university 3 afternoons a week! It's hard to describe how much I appreciated the gentle and dry ride.

Then I had to go back out in the rain to get water, toilet paper, milk, eggs, etc., about as much as I could carry. Maluah for supper tonight. Ok, paratha.

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