Thursday, September 3, 2009

weekend is here!

Quiet day: school, work, grocery shopping, home, and yes, Thursday is the end of the week.

Woke up to pouring rain at 6am, but by 7am there was a double rainbow out in front. The CNG was waiting to take me to school. Comparing notes there about joining the American club, long-term car rentals, other issues.

Stopped on the way home and brought great vegetable noodle dish at the mall. The whole first floor is set up with take-away food stalls for the meal at the end of the day. Also brought home about 10 - 15 liters of water and other liquids so I won't have to think about it tomorrow or the next day!

Matan stayed at school for chess club and got home before 6pm. We're going to make General Tsao's chicken for supper.

Looking forward to the weekend.

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