Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I hadn't ever really taken part in PTA functions when the kids were little, but I'm needing to be in touch with other parents to figure out how to take care of a teenager in Dhaka. So I signed up to be the parent representative for 10th grade even if I don't know any of the parents or the kids. They didn't have anyone else for that grade.

The first meeting was Monday at 3pm. After my 2-hour journey by gridlock on Sunday, I decided to walk from my university to the school. I knew it could be done in 45 minutes, though 2-3 in the afternoon is not ideal walking time. Even with an air-conditioned pause in a mall looking for Bangla clothes (none in my size), I still got to the school pretty pink.

The meeting was interesting. Most of the kids seem to have sports or other activities, but there are some problems with off-school parties being held after closing hours at local restaurants. Since most of the kids have drivers, they seem to have pretty flexible curfews. Matan hasn't been asking about parties, but he has mentioned more than once that he'd like to belong to the American club. We could do that, I do have an invitation as a Fulbrighter. But since it costs $60/month, I was trying to understand when he thought he'd take advantage of the facilities. He's at school until 6pm most days of the week, and 8pm one night. Maybe it is the weekends - we have been pretty much at loose ends by Saturday night.

The best part of the meeting was at the end when one of the moms couldn't believe that all of the things that the embassy provides (like drivers!) are just not available to the Fulbright folks. And for the most part, I think the other Fulbrighters either have relatives here or even ongoing research relationships with their universities. So maybe it isn't a widespread issue. I'll just be happy if she calls and Matan gets invited over for some x-box or other familiar weekend activity. Maybe they'd even bring him home?!

We had a lot of energy last night -- he's trying some new activities (like speech/debate, badminton and climbing wall, and continuing with math team and chess club. Haven't heard back from the cello teacher. Matan played last night. It was a sound from home, here, and I hope it will help him to enjoy this year.

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