Saturday, September 26, 2009

glorious sunshine

I feel like a sunflower twisting and bending towards that glow.

Yesterday I started on skype at the American club very early in the day. Met a friend for breakfast and she took me out to see local places: handicrafts, a large store I'd only heard about, pointed out a book store that was just tucked down a side street from my university, the perfect tour for me. We had lunch and the pad thai looked like what I was expecting. We made plans to go to a tailor today with the fabric we bought yesterday.

Then I came back to the American club to finish yesterday's blog entry with the pictures that wouldn't load earlier. And I stayed and talked to other people on skype. Eventually Matan came over after his flag football, we had dinner here, and his morning ride person came in with her family. It was nice to actually chat with her -- I had only met her that first week and we've talked just when there were delays in rides (or once when the school told me Matan wasn't there and I had seen him walk down the street to where she picks him up. The school was wrong, but by then I'd already called Melissa to check that she'd taken him). Again last night, she generously offered to take us home so we wouldn't be going by rickshaw after dark. Her husband is the general manager of the Radisson so she's also going to send us a list of cabs to call.

Being out after dark is still a novelty for us.

Daylight savings time was supposed to end this week -- according to yesterday's paper, October 1. Today's paper said, oops, not so fast. Still under discussion! Reminds me of Israel's debates on the subject, but usually there it's thrashed out a few months in advance. Who knew that it was such a hot topic? Back to that sunshine!

This morning (Saturday) I decided to try the parallel aqua aerobics group that meets at the American club. Most of the same people, just a preference for being outdoors. I'll join them for breakfast, too, next time. So, it's a nice sunny morning -- you should have seen me bouncing around with a noodle!

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