Saturday, September 19, 2009


Not having constant internet access has certainly helped me read more in the last month (note to self?). I read Frankenstein and Jasmine this week - no connection, just books I brought.

This morning I read the book reviews in the NYT and decided I wanted to read most of the books. Of course, reviewing both Margaret Atwood and Margaret Drabble contributed to my interest.

Yesterday in Dhaka's Daily Star there was a review of a book by Shazia Omar called Like a Diamond in the Sky. In the interview she says that Bangladesh has a 70% tax on imported books. I hadn't looked for bookstores yet, but apparently that's another reason people travel to India. Omar mentioned a website for a writers' group called Writers' Block (reminded me of Century!).

I think I'm going to have to find a good library since I've started reading some of the anthologies I brought with me.

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  1. Reading - the antidote to everything, I think.

    Glad you're finding it so, too.

    Love to you and Matan.