Monday, September 14, 2009

not sleeping

I had been getting better at sleeping through the night, but the last couple of nights, I've been up again at 3 and 4. Not because of calls to prayer (I think). Not sure if it's the heat (and I tried another night in the air-conditioning and don't like that either!) or just ready to start teaching. I'll start today so that may help. We have 2 classes before the end of Ramadan and then a 10 day break for holidays. Matan has just the 3 days of the Eid holiday off, so we're not going away.

When we come back, I understand things will be calmer -- from the traffic to the students. I am certainly looking forward to lunches again! Not that I'm fasting, but food is served underneath these curtains, and I would rather not eat than go hang out in a tiny street tent around a hot fire. Yesterday was actually productive in that I came home after class (to be home when the maid came) and before I went to work, I had lunch at home. Made staying at work until 5pm far more reasonable. Of course, I ended up with more hours in rickshaws and CNGs on the road.

Have a meeting on Tuesday with the company that Parvez is using for the long-term car rental. Not sure at all what I think about this option. I'll go hear how it works.

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