Wednesday, February 3, 2010

we have tickets home

it's an odd feeling. there's a deadline now (June 12th) to see and do everything I haven't gotten to yet.

not feeling well (again), but I slept many hours last night and hope to nip whatever it is.

big weekend ahead with graduation ceremonies, rehearsals, dinners, and the inevitable traffic jam and logistic considerations. the president of Bangladesh will be at the ceremony on Sunday so no bags, cameras, phones (?), etc. it will be interesting.


  1. Dad here - I just caught up tonight since your blog of Jan 15 - - - since then I acquired a laptop (1st one of my 73 year lifetime) and have made up my mind I won't reward myself with more BLOG until I can do it on my own computer. I'm pleased that I learned enough to access the internet and get you loaded into my Favorites. Must say "Happy Birthday" to Matan, and congratulations on having a departure date set for your trip home.
    By-the-way, I've never really understood why you applied for Bangla to begin with - - - perhaps you could spend a few moments explaining that to your BLOG followers before you reach the end of your sojourn there.

  2. June 12 does seem soon, you didn't start until August for Matan and September for you. We will surely welcome you back however. I hope you will get to do all the things you hope for before you leave. Have you figured out what they are?