Sunday, February 21, 2010

language martyrs - Shaheed Minar

While I didn't go to the memorial site today, I did get this small memorial banner yesterday. Most of the salesclerks were wearing them, so I asked for one. They were surprised, but one went off and got one, brought it back and pinned it on me.

Issues of language use started soon after the partition, with Pakistan legislating Urdu as the state language. In the early 1950s, language was one of the significant issues of the emerging nationalism.

Now Feb 21 is a worldwide holiday: International Mother Language Day. So even as we celebrate here, I certainly have qualms that my kids do not read and write very well in their own mother language. hmmm.

Otherwise this week -- Matan and I spent the first half of the week getting better. Lots of sleep. I went back to the clinic Tues and Thurs and it seems that the tests are fine. Back to classes, and even a make-up class for one I missed while sick. Still have prep and papers to grade for next week, but it seems more possible now.

Back to cooking, cleaning and laundry, and feeling better about being caught up. AND I even went out yesterday to buy some clothes. I'd postponed this as long as I could since the last time I went to this store, nothing fit. But the weather is warm (over 30C -- in the 80sF) and jeans are not necessary to keep warm anymore, so it was time to try again. This time I had many choices and had to pick and choose! What colorful options there are: purples and greens and oranges!

Finally, even though I'm cooking for fun, I think I'll never really cook seriously here as long as I can call and get this wonderful, spicy fish surrounded by vegetables, delivered. sigh.

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