Sunday, February 14, 2010

and where did you come *from* in January

that since then you have been feeling cruddy? what a great perspective on the doctor's part, because, you know, she's right. I was pretty fine for months. and then I went away and when I came back, I just haven't been feeling quite right. so while we've pretty much rejected malaria since the spikes in the fever are really mild (but there will be blood tests for this and dengue and everything), but did I look at Jordan as carefully as I considered Bangladesh before deciding whether we needed malaria pills? (not necessary in either case). interesting, indeed.

so I'm on antibiotics because there is definitely "noise" in my chest and whether it's more about breathing or more about sinuses, it doesn't really matter, the antibiotics will work their thing. I've done the productive coughing for the past week!

but the rickshaw driver just really chose the wrong time to give me a nasty speech. I didn't understand the words, but I know that what I was offering to get from the American School to United Hospital (for their pharmacy), was twice what he'd charge a Bangladeshi. I'm used to that. but I wasn't up for paying three times it and get scolded, too. so I paid him more than he was asking, said no to the change, and said that I wouldn't go with him again. not that he necessarily understood me anymore than I understood him. but he's one of 3-4 rickshaw wallahs at the school and I can choose not to go with him. Matan says they ask him for money whenever he goes by (on his bike). I know, I know, we have so much more money than they do, but I'm exhausted. Sometimes the whole ride is dragged out to twice as long as need be while I hear the stories of the children and the brothers and how it would just make all the difference if I'd give them 1000 taka. (I don't always have 1000 taka, but they're sure I do). This for a 20 taka ride. I get why Matan prefers his bike.

Nonetheless, it is a beautiful ride. I just don't always have the energy.

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  1. I'm glad you've gotten some antibiotics: knock those germs on their little asses! Get outta your chest!

    Our snow is melting, so sidewalks are slick: I only fell once today, though.