Tuesday, February 23, 2010

moWmachi moWmachi

moWmachi moWmachi
kotha jaW naci naci
daRaW na Ekbar bhay
oy phul phoTe bone
jay modhu ahorOne
daRabar SOmOYto nay

the bee, the bee
where are you going dancing?
please stop once brother
that flower blooms in the forest
I go to collect for the honey
no time to stay.

choTo pakhi choTo pakhi
kicimici Daki Daki
kotha jaW, bole jaW Suni
Ekhon na kobo kOtha
aniYachi trino Lota
apOnar baSa age buni.

little bird, little bird
where are you going, chirping?
where do you go, tell me and I'll hear.
I will not talk to you now
I brought twigs
First I build my house.

pipilika, pipilika
dOl bOl chiRi Eka
kotha jaW, jaW bhay boli.
Siter SOncOY cay
khaddo khujitechi tay
chOY paYe pil pil coli

ant, ant
your group left you alone
where are you going?
tell me, then go.
I want a winter reserve,
therefore I am searching for food,
with my six legs moving moving I go.

Since I'm not making much progress on conversation, I'm learning nursery rhymes. There's a book launch tomorrow about Bangla rhymes, but it's across town about 30 minutes after I finish teaching, so I'm hoping to get a copy of the book without going. Might yet get to the book fair before it ends at the end of February.

otherwise in the news, quiet day at school. grading, writing center (no students yet), baking these not-very-kosher biscuits. without the onions since Matan doesn't like onions. wish he was home. I still get nervous after dark, though he's usually not home before dark. sigh. of course, no electricity makes it seem all the darker.

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  1. ok, so i bit on the biscuits link and laughed out loud about this cook's orgasmic experience. Naughty.