Monday, February 22, 2010

rickshaw numbers today

the first one grumbled about 30 taka even though he agreed on the price before I got in.

the CNG driver (1) said 100 to the campus, I said fine, and we went 3 blocks before the CNG broke down.

the second CNG driver said 50 to campus, I said fine, and we zoomed off. I think this is where my appetite goes -- I'm not really frightened, but my stomach stays about 3 kilometers behind and never really catches up.

after school, going to look for the swiss army knife, the rickshaw driver agreed to 30 taka, and then at the end, gave me correct change for 50 and smiled.

the next rickshaw driver, going about 1/2 the distance of the previous one, agreed to 30 before I got in, and then upon arrival wouldn't give me change for 50, wanted more, I scrounged and came up with 30 in small bills and walked away even though he was still strongly disagreeing.

the last rickshaw driver agreed to 30 taka before I got in, but when I got home wouldn't give me more than 10 taka change for 50. I no longer had small enough change. so I said fine.

I need to take it all more in stride.

Lest you think that I could just easily pay more, it's true, I could. But what Matan and I have discovered, time and time again, if we offer 50, they assume that we have no clue about anything, and then say 100. Or, as happened last week, 500. So we're learning that we have to enter into the negotiations, in order to preserve some sanity. I tried that "offer more" route. It backfired every time. But over time, yes, I just prefer to walk if possible. Which, of course, then deprives people of their livelihoods.

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  1. I could have given Matan my Swiss Army knife, if I had known he needed one...I don't use it very often. Can't remember when or why I ever got it. Maybe someone gave it to me as a joke....some happenings are a long lost mystery to me.
    But I am certain that I will remember where I got the colorful Turtle paperweight. I have shown it off to a number of stands guard at my to Sammy Sosa. Thank you so much for thinking of me. Luci and Mark were very impressed with it. I had supper with them at Dick's home yesterday. Glad to hear you are back on your feet and doing so much better. Love, Mom