Saturday, February 27, 2010

book fair

Yesterday I went to the book fair with my friends Lisa and Mahmud (my officemate). It goes on for the whole month of February, celebrating language, literacy and mother language days.

We met at the central public library and national museum. The banners were interesting. There was also a small public demonstration about recent violence in the more remote provinces.

I don't remember what this banner said, but the pointy thing is a musical instrument, not a sword.

This one definitely had an anti-imperialist (esp American) message.

Then we walked through a handwriting contest. Hundreds of kids were copying out a passage in their best script.

Some are more religiously observant, or at least dressed that way.

We walked along the Dhaka University campus. This was work the art students had done.

(someone should tell me to straighten my shirt and collar!).


I'll probably never read Bangla at the level of The Little Prince, so I decided a picture was easier to carry than a book.

Inside the book fair. It was enormous -- went on and on.


Face painting and hand painting -- the messages are about Mother Language Day and the Bengladeshi flag.

Lisa and Flat Stanley -- someone who travels with her and is eventually returned to her nieces and nephews.

Books in English...

more books in English...

and a few books in Bangla, some rhymes I know, but phonetically, not in Bangla script. Well, it gives me something to work on!

off to swim.
a good Shabbat -- 3 loads of wash done, grocery shopping and some brownies (too dense) made. need a better recipe.

have to decide soon about Matan's spring break -- over pesach -- maybe a seder in Kathmandu? or a beach in Thailand. not sure.


  1. Thanks for sharing the lovely pictures from the Book Fair. They give me an idea of what you were experiencing. Here's hoping both you and Matan can find a meaningful Peasach. And isn't Purim happening this weekend?
    So glad you are feeling better. Love,Mom

  2. looks like enough at the book fair to keep you
    busy for several days-- and those large art pieces, outside,- what if it rained? or is the
    rainy season over nnow? Beach in Thailand sounds glorious! enjoy love mak