Thursday, February 4, 2010

more crud

so as Matan says, it's more than every other week. this is the third time since we got back from Israel that I'm just not feeling well. sleeping enough at night, mild sore throat, no fever, just not zooming.

and folks, usually I do zoom a bit more than this. maybe it's the 5 flights of stairs and the 15-20 liters of water? they seem to be getting heavier, instead of lighter. hmmmm.

but we have plans -- this weekend is the International Fair at Matan's school (must make chocolate chip cookies by noon tomorrow), and then the rehearsal for the convocation on Saturday afternoon, and the convocation itself on Sunday. hope to make aerobics Sunday 4pm, but not sure that I'll be back in the area by then.

next weekend I'm going to a ball. I've never been to a ball. and the next day, to the national book fair with a university group.

so we do stay busy, what with teaching and some cooking (lasagna in the oven tonight)and lots of reading and some writing.


  1. Going to a Ball!!!! What a celebrity you are- I hope you will be feeling better by then.
    Love from your mother.

  2. My friend ~ do the things that are immediately rewarding . . . take much care of your very *self* first-and-foremost . . . and give Matan a big hug.

    ~ Love, Julie