Monday, February 22, 2010

when they don't read

So a couple of weeks ago I dismissed a class when it seemed like only one person had read the assignment. Most of the folks didn't even have a copy yet.

They were surprised. That worked once.

Today when the reading quiz results were dismal, the answer was not to say, ok, bye, but to ask how many had a copy of the short story with them. About half. I started thinking of alternatives.

OH. Writing. Indeed. So they had an in-class essay about plot and characters and pov, etc, that they had gone over in tutorial (those who came) and they could use the essay they should have read (much better if they do, since the next essay will be built on this story), or, if they don't have it, there's a handy short story in the text. In any case, I'm not discussing the elements of the short story with a bunch of people who haven't read it yet.

So they wrote. Or they read. Many of them read. Such is life.

elsewhere in the news:
the largest and fastest elevator was not working at school today. it's easier to go up many flights than to go down, at least in my knees' opinion. I just didn't even go back up after the second class.

got the swiss army knife for Matan's trip. huge sigh of relief. only went to two more stores today.

have to write some midterms. can hardly believe we're there already next week.

many skype conversations about fafsa and taxes and financial aid and summer plans. hard to believe we're there already, too.

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