Tuesday, August 11, 2009

starting the routine

Matan went off to school this morning, strolling down our "lane," looking like this is what he's done on the first day of school, every day of his life. He had to walk to a busier street to find a rickshaw.

It sounds like he had a fun day at school, including a climbing wall and working out after school. He made it home a few hours late and, of course, I don't know much yet about how to call the school (what area codes do I need?). He stopped on the way home to check on the pants we'd bought that were being shortened. In other words, I was looking out on the balconey every 20 minutes or so.
Tomorrow I get started: briefing at the embassy in the morning and meeting with my department head in the afternoon. Still some logistics are not clear. Rickshaws are banned on some roads and I don't know how I get to the university otherwise. I guess I'll ask questions.
Only 3-4 electrical outages today. They certainly cause us to pause. Also to save frequently.
...and in Minnesota: Happy Birthday to Shaked!!! YEA!


  1. HI Kris,

    I'm enjoying reading about your adventures. I wish you well!! -Jill Cadwell

  2. Hi Kris and Matan,

    I really enjoy reading about your new life. I remember this feeling of being in a new place and not knowing the language - a feeling of disorientation and excitement and expectation. And all these new people you will get to know and all these new routines you will get... I miss it (and we were only in Poland! still in Europe). Hugs to both of you, Carina