Thursday, August 20, 2009

getting better

Matan is home sick again today, but he seems much better and the fever is down. The school wants 24 hours of normal temperature, so it's good that we have the weekend (Fri and Sat) to get him back to normal. I think the bedrest is helping his toe, too. We're both staying home so as not to share his germs with others.

I'm working on syllabi, occasionally distracted by teaching blogs (this one is new: Preparing a class I haven't ever taught on critical theories. Working through the materials that the previous teacher used. It's only going to have 6 students!

The other class is like our 1022 at Century, writing from literature (the 2nd in the comp sequence) which I haven't taught since the nightmare fall 2006 semester. While that was the first semester after being hired, I also had 5 classes which has never happened before or after that. It was the first and only time I taught comp I online, though not the first time I taught WS online, I had 2 different schedules for the 1022 (MWF and TTh), and the first time teaching Contemp World Lit. It was also the semester that my mom's twin sister died and the first time a student of mine died. No wonder I've dreaded opening up that class again. However, it is good to revisit and rethink it. It used to be a class I taught often, enjoyed, and did well.

We had 12 hours of no internet since last night. Fortunately I had noted the phone number and address of the doctor Matan's insurance suggested or I would have been in a panic this morning. Learning not to count on the internet access. I suspect that when I start classes next week (as a student), I'll be busier and a little less focused on the day-to-day in the States. Still it's very nice to talk on skype and keep so closely in touch.

Edited to add: a note about that nightmare semester. It was worse than I thought. Obviously I blocked out that it was the semester that started with one of Nitzan's cousins losing a son to suicide. The worst semester ever.

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