Tuesday, August 25, 2009

sleep challenged

I can't seem to get it quite right. With the windows open, I'm hearing the calls to prayer from 3am today. With them closed, it's stuffy and I still hear the sounds.

Need more sleep to get rid of the colds that have been hitting me. Looked like a faucet yesterday and it was uncomfortable because I was in classes, in an office and at meetings.

I think I'm a bit anxious about the weekend adventure: Matan should get out of school an hour early and come back to the apartment. We should be able to get an automated rickshaw to the airport (regular rickshaws aren't allowed on the major roads), flight there should be ok. It's 45 minutes long and because of the time difference, we actually get there earlier than we leave here. The hotel says it's a cheap close cab ride and it's on the same street with the cello store. The cello store is open Friday and says it has good cellos in our price range. All that we have to wonder about is the flight back with cello. I have the phone numbers and locations for bus tickets if that becomes necessary.

Maybe I'm not quite so adventurous, after all. Don't seem to be embracing this with energy, but with apprehension. I feel somewhat like Don Quixote.


  1. I hope it all works out with the cello! You have had so many adventures over the last three weeks...it isn't so surprising that you are not looking forward to every one of them. Hang in there.Hope you feel better soon.

  2. Welcome to the east. Things are done in a different way. Sure you can deal with it! We have tons of confidence in you! Take a camera! its time for some photos

  3. Sleep loss can make anyone feel awful. Could you sleep in the airconditioned room for a night or two? We are all pulling for you! Good luck with the cello trip - Hugs, Judith

  4. Slept well in the study last night. Maybe it's less directly lined up with the mosque's amplifier?! Or maybe the fan is a little quieter? Or maybe I was just really tired?!