Friday, August 21, 2009


Nilofa came to work today and did all of the laundry. She also cooked pancakes (after I made the batter and she watched) and lunch. And cleaned the room that hadn't been cleaned yesterday. We asked the neighbors for some help with translations, but mostly with the help of the phrasebook, we worked out some of the questions.

How odd it is to have someone else doing the work that I've been really challenged to keep up with. Clean sheets tonight!

The landlord doesn't object but will not provide an extra key. Either I'll find a way to duplicate the key or Matan and I will share.

Now, if I would just get going on syllabi, I think I would feel a bit more competent and ready for the school year. I'm hoping for a bit more of a social life once school starts up -- there's no rotation of people inviting us to visit on the weekends.

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