Monday, August 24, 2009

starting another language

I'm really not very successful at language learning. I've tried several - in high school - Latin, German and Russian, then Hebrew which I failed the first time in a class at Spertus in Chicago, but it was enough to help in Israel until I really did learn it. Arabic at the Unviersity of Chicago. I think I started French in Jerusalem and lasted a few weeks. Yiddish as I worked on the dissertation. Not very successful in any except Hebrew which I did have 20 years and 2 degrees to work on.

So this morning I'm sitting in a classroom with 2 other students remembering the cases and thinking back to Latin. We aren't learning the Bangla script yet, it's all phonetic for the first month (or two). But it should help us function a little more in the world in which we're currently situated. It was nice, too, to run into Amanda from the Fulbright orientation, who is one monthly session ahead of me. They seem to be running 4-5 levels with just a few people in each one.

Then into a rickshaw over to work. Found the book I was looking for in the library (not coded correctly in the computer, it did not look like the right shelf, so I wandered around a bit). Decided to come home early since I have yet another summer cold and wanted to rest before the PTA meeting at Matan's school. Got word that I have 3 boxes and a letter waiting for me at the American center. I'll try to pick those up tomorrow morning between class and getting back to the apartment.

Also got a list of taxis recommended by the embassy. We may be making progress on our transportation issue.

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