Thursday, August 27, 2009

leaving for the airport soon

I asked my officemate how to best get to the airport and he said by cab. I do have a list of cabs from the embassy and it was pretty easy to order one. Not like it's going to break the bank at about $15. Just so much more than rickshaws and CNGs.

Matan should be home from school any minute. The tacos I made do not look or smell much like what he'll be hoping for -- just the shells are "right".

packing light, really hoping this is just a hop-skip-and-a-jump trip to keep a promise to provide a cello. can't believe it's a 45 minute flight and then a new currency and a half hour change in time zone.

turned a lot of course materials in to be photocopied so I'm starting to feel a little more prepared. talked to the dept head about which days I'll be expected to be in (M/W/Th) and which I'll be working at home. might only get a ride home since I'll be coming from the language center before school.

looking forward to this weekend journey and hope that we have a great time and find a cello that Matan will enjoy.

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