Wednesday, January 6, 2010

one day at a time

writing syllabi. working with the new thumb drive which is firmly attached to my keys with one of those plastic loops (that don't release once placed -- what are they called?). too many thumb drives lost, shared and laundered in the past couple of months.

washing upstairs with the new machine. this could be good. meanwhile there seems to be only a trickle of water going in and while it said 55 minutes to go, 20 minutes ago, it now says 52 minutes. hmmm. not in a hurry today.

as for getting the bike fixed, one suggestion was to ask the guards downstairs. maybe my approach about doing things myself is quite inappropriate. and indeed, within an hour the bike was fixed. hmmm.

still only a trickle of gas, and only sometimes. not enough to boil water or cook an egg. no hot water. not sure how this gets solved since the landlord said it's a supply issue. interesting. I think it's probably going to be more of a challenge than the intermittent electricity.

otherwise, settling back in. still no 10 taka notes at the bank. got some warmer bed covers. will get buckets for showers (and Matan took a towel to school so I expect he'll be extra motivated to work out today). (I can go to the American club).

I still have 10 days before I start teaching. Re-reading The House on Mango Street and plan to use it in my lit-based comp class. I suspect they'll like it better than The House of Seven Gables which I'm also re-reading. What was it about houses when I ordered these books?

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