Saturday, January 9, 2010


So, we're back now almost 5 days and we've learned new things about no gas and no water, and how cold it can get in Dhaka. But I think we're fine, for the most part.

I'd say the real challenge is to remember to take advantage of this different place, that we only have 5 months left here. Yes, you might think I'm a bit crazy to look at it this way, but really, when I look at a call for papers for a conference in November, in the States, and want to submit something about women and gender studies here, I draw a blank. Well, I'd better get going if I want to learn something in this direction. It's not coming to me in my lovely 5th floor apartment, full of sunshine, and computer access to Pioneer Woman. (oh what wonderful recipes, we had the chicken part of the chicken parmigiana last night). I got totally distracted in the last 48 hours by politics in the States (catching up, since I certainly wasn't following along while surrounded by family in Israel), and new blogs that I'm not sure I really need to add to my days. On the other hand, I was intrigued by this post about interesting lives vs. happy lives here, and I don't think that one precludes the other, but there are moments when I need to think about what motivates me and what makes me (and others dear to me) happy.

So, today, I think I need to help Matan pull himself out of the internet and into his homework, his cello and getting a new swimsuit. I need to get myself set with all those assignments I brought home, sure that with my few weekend plans, I'd be getting through all of the books. Spent some time yesterday friending (on Facebook) some folks I know are in Dhaka, but haven't made enough efforts to get in touch with them. Signed up for more language classes since the tutoring plan did not speak to me enough to get me there: the best part of the studying at HEED was meeting other people and learning together. So I'm going to backtrack to phonetics II since I've forgotten too much to go forward at this point.

That's the plan. I still have a week before classes start. I'm thrilled that some of my 201 students will be in my 301 class. Looking forward to getting started once again.

So it's not the lack of water or gas or being cold that has made this week a bit difficult, but the sudden withdrawal from 10-15-20 people at the supper table on Gvulot. Or even 5-6 people in Beer Sheva. I think I speak for Matan here, as well, we miss you folks.

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  1. I think you experienced another mini-culture shock, going from being with wonderful, exended family in your home environment, a desert, to being strangers in a strange environment again. I like your plans to experience the next five months fully. It seems to me, that is your mission and to teach some in the process. Also, thought the comment about syllabi, that they mention "learning", was so interesting.