Monday, June 7, 2010

post #200 from Dhaka

that went by pretty quickly.

just some random thoughts about today.

news in Dhaka is all about the fire and the building that collapsed earlier in the week. feels like the whole city could sink into the ground water (which dropped several meters in the past year. not centimeters. meters).

hot. humid. sticky. but no rain today.

slow start to the day. woke up at 4:30 for no good reason. usually the call to prayers doesn't wake me anymore but I guess I was done sleeping.

somebody wanted pancakes for breakfast, before his last final exam. ok. some days are like that.

needed to get presents today. I really do not like to shop. so I did all the shopping in one day.

three stores, 2 CNGs, 2 rickshaws, 2 hours of traffic, one nasty accident where I heard the car hit the rickshaw and I saw the crumpled mess. somehow the people were ok.

too dehydrated to go to the last water aerobics class. sorry to miss the get together afterwards. but some days are like that.

online classes opened. one goof-up -- I wrote quizzes and saved them carefully in the question library. I opened quizzes with all the restrictions and dates and times, and forgot to add in the questions. fortunately someone tried the quizzes first thing in the morning (7pm here) and immediately told me that the syllabus quiz worked fine (not a new quiz) but the other one she tried had no questions. got that fixed. in spite of being in the dark, no electricity. there are always more outages when it's reallly hot.

lost my watch. I know it was between 4 and 5pm. apparently I look at my watch quite a bit. mostly I need it to remind me I've put the water on to boil or I'd completely forget to turn it off. I do 30 minutes of water boiling every morning.

that's about it. tomorrow I'll be at BRAC and say good-bye there. tomorrow night the new cello owner will come to pick it up. Wed the apartment gets cleaned and we'll do the walk through. Wed and Thursday I'll have a lot to do with my online classes with their first deadlines. Wed night we'll get together with friends. working on the packing a bit each day.

long day.


  1. hmmm, not 200 posts when I add them up. So I went back to check. yes, there are the missing 9 posts -- all drafts that never quite made it out to daylight. so I've written 200, but only 191 are out for you to read. no, nothing really hidden, mostly just previous versions.

  2. Still, they have been a wonderful way to share your experiences a little bit. The pictures often tell so much. Matan has really stretched up this year and slimmed down. Shaked and you look like sisters. All very good.

  3. Glad you weren't on the Rickshaw that was hit......if only a watch is missing- not so bad!
    Looking forward to Saturday night - at Lily's.
    Thanks for all the blogs and pictures; it made the separation less harsh.....and sparkled my weeks. Love, Mom

  4. Looking forward to seeing all of you again soon! Thanx for all the posts & pics - - - its been a real eye-opener for me, even if I did spend a year in Korea way back when!