Wednesday, June 2, 2010

no Facebook connection

It's a very disconcerting feeling -- not to be able to link to an article in the NYT and share it with folks on Facebook (the article I wanted to share was Amos Oz's article on the Israeli raid on the flotilla). We're cut off from the outside world and from our friends here. The newspaper today says the Bangladeshi government office is waiting for a reply from Facebook to its request to remove offensive pages. Looks like this could be a long wait. It's certainly a learning experience.


  1. It's interesting how quickly we can become dependent on a particular technology for making connections.

    By the way, although I've not been commenting I've been reading along all year and really enjoying your adventures.

  2. This might be the last comment as time is running out for this experience.
    Won't be long now and you head for Chicago...I am counting the I continue to play Scrabble and Upwords with the Kusper Family. Even Analyn's Yearbook has a Scrabble motif on the front cover along with some Monopoly, Life, etc game connections...
    Life is a the theme!! Mom