Saturday, June 5, 2010

June days

A pretty random walk through my last week or so...

The parent advisory committee at the American International School - Dhaka (AIS-D) for this year. I was one of the 10th grade parent reps even though I pretty much knew only one tenth grade student when I started. I learned a lot about parenting in Dhaka and what the issues in an international high school are. Met a lot of people that I wouldn't have known otherwise.

Took me a long time, but all of the laundry issues were eventually resolved, including ironing. Some folks in a little nook down the street iron our clean laundry and return it in tightly compressed packages.

Good-bye to the seniors. What a sense of community when there are kids from pre-K to 12th grade all in one place!

Fruits of the week: mangos, pineapple and lychee! Ok, 10 mangos in a milkshake are not good for one's tummy. And 200 lychees are too many to peel before they start to go bad.

And the best part of the last few weeks: having both of my kids here with me! Shaked and I did get to spend quite a few nice afternoons (in between the frequent downpours) at the pool.

And this is Matan before his second prom...

Now I have to figure out how to pack everything we want to take into 4 suitcases and not go too much over the very tight weight limit. By this time next week, we'll be in Chicago.


  1. What lovely pictures of you with your wonderful children. Thanks for all the communication. Mom

  2. What language are the american School students taught in. Do they have a choice??
    Where are the students from?
    Could they go to a local Dhaka school? Do some of the teachers have many languages that they know? Mom

  3. You, Shaked, and Matan are all looking wonderful. So fine that you could end your time in Bangla together