Saturday, March 13, 2010

yes, I felt that earthquake

this morning at about 5:15am.

rolled over and went back to sleep.

modem is fried.
hotel is full in Kathmandu.
my stomach will not calm down.

some days.


  1. Monsur-ul-Hakim13 March, 2010 12:57

    Yes, I felt that earthquake too at Dhaka dated 13 Mar 2010, Time:around 5:25 AM. - Monsur-ul-Hakim

  2. Your experiences continue to amaze me. What will be next??? Sorry the Hotel is full at Katmundu....what happens now?? Rent-A-Yurt??
    Expect Shaked on Sunday and will stay til Friday in Chicago- she may hop over to Michigan to visit a friend.. wish you were with her....I miss you Mom