Thursday, March 25, 2010

so, how many hours a day can a refrigerator be off electricity before the food goes bad?

I wonder if we're up to 50:50 on and off. We know the milk goes bad. Maybe everything else is slowly deteriorating, too?

Didn't go in to work today, but am finishing up grading. Went to my bangla class and to the American Center to get mail and the guards told me I was done with my Fulbright and no longer on the list of people to get in. Though there are days when it feels like that, I did say we were here until June. It seems to be straightened out. It's true the documents do say until May when our semester ends, but Matan's school is through June 10th, so we will be in Dhaka until then!

Then I went to the American Club and had a gentle breakfast and looked over the mail: a comp text for the summer class. Have to make a decision soon. I was really pleased that it got here even though the size and shape made it too big for the diplomatic pouch.

And finally, home, where I could nap, work, and have close access to the bathroom. I even cleaned, though the ironing did not get done between papers to grade and electrical outages.

Matan's at a track event. It's so odd that I can see (online) that he was late this morning and wonder if he had a detention and how that worked out with track. Yup, he was pushing it this morning, leaving at the last minute and his bike has another puncture so he was relying on rickshaws. It was probably faster for him to walk parts of it.

Tomorrow we're off to Nepal. Hope this goes well. I'm looking forward to the seder and the vacation.

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