Wednesday, March 3, 2010

another way to think about the Fulbright

It's been an ornery day.

Before 6am, I found 2 plagiarized papers. I am particularly pissed because I want to read with trust -- to believe my students have come up with these ideas and this prose. I don't want to suddenly think, oops, another sentence I'd better run by google.

Gave midterms today. Didn't get papers graded to give back. Takes a whole lot longer when I have to run so many of them through google.

And my home computer is no longer connecting to the internet. Modem seems to be dead. Matan's computer is still good, but I suspect he'll want to use it occasionally when he gets back tomorrow.

What else? Narrowing down our spring break plans to Nepal pretty much as everything else costs over $1000 for two people for airfare. I'm fine with trekking and Nepal is beautiful. Need to stop comparing others' choices. Ok, yes, Bali and Malaysia and Thailand.

Must write keynote speech. Children's Literature conference in 2 weeks.

finally, we could think about fulbright funding as our choice to come for a year, and we chose to bring Matan, and that was expensive. financially, yes, it would have been far wiser to come alone for one semester and find a room, rather than an apartment. But that would have been such a different experience and Matan wouldn't have been able to come for just one semester (at least that's what we thought at the time. I think now we could have, just wouldn't have gotten any funding. even without funding and with Matan, one semester would have been less expensive). but very different.

anyway. going out again tonight. and I've been swimming most days this week.

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  1. Wow! I am astounded at the tax consequences of your Fullbright. Can you run this by anyone at State Dept? I suspect one semester would have seemed so short, eithr alone or with Matan, that neither of you would have needed to make the effort to learn the culture. Though the experience has seemed very hard reading about it here at home. You both will have seen some sights and done some things you never would have done otherwise. Lucky to have had the chance.