Friday, March 12, 2010

so I thought I was almost better on Tuesday

but the worst was still ahead.

Wednesday I did teach. good thing it was pretty much all prepared in advance. Thursday I stayed home and it was actually the worst day. One of those food poisonings or stomach upsets that leaves me wanting to eat nothing but bottled water and toast for the rest of my life. ok, the rest of my stay here. Ironically I did see the doctor on Monday, seemed to be fine, just a fever, and then, the following days, it was like getting hit by a tornado. Maybe the fever was the warning before all hell broke loose.

So. still working on the keynote. thought about it a lot as I slept this week.

Also booked the tickets for the spring break in Nepal. Seder in Kathmandu.

And Shaked got accepted to her summer program in France so we can now book her tickets -- she's coming to Dhaka in May before France. We'll see how the tickets go to see whether she returns to the States or continues on from here.

and the computer expert is coming over and I'm hoping my computer will connect to the internet again.

and, quite possibly, the tax situation will be somewhat less onerous than it seemed. not a lot, but some.

Matan's group in Bhutan

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