Saturday, October 24, 2009

vacation flights

The folks from the states are arriving in Israel on Dec 20th. We're looking at flights around the 15th via Amman, Jordan. We'll take a taxi to Israel from there.

Maybe on the way back going via Petra? We have to be back to Dhaka by the 4th of January.

The travel agent here does not recommend Gulf Airways but will book it if I insist. It's over $400 cheaper for the two tickets than the airlines he recommends (Etihad or Emirates). But his flights would have us staying over in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, and I'm not keen on doing that either.

I know he's used to working with the ex-pat community so his basis for setting up the flights might be a higher comfort level than we actually need. Bad service? I can live with that (food or entertainment). Being stranded and losing vacation days in Israel while waiting for a different fight? Not so much. Have to decide soon.

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