Saturday, October 3, 2009

so, what are we doing today?

The class, as I pretty much expected, didn't happen. Three people came: one early on to pick up handouts, two thinking there would be class. We talked about what they're reading and the way I grade responses, how that fits into the unit grade. Gave me some good ideas about what I'll need to clarify for everyone on Monday. Spent some of the time there prepping for the other class. Student who borrowed my book did not return it and I'm debating what to do about that before class Monday (I have a Fulbright orienation on Sunday, did not plan to go to campus). not stressing much, just pissed that she said she'd return it Saturday and didn't.

Seemed like the dept head wanted me to meet someone, but after hanging around for another hour, I decided to get on with my day's plans. Computer City again -- this time I got the modem for the computer. What I didn't know was that getting the modem was only step one. Next the SIM. SIM place asked for passport and photos. By now it was 3pm and I was tired (it had been a day of travel by rickshaw and CNG). Went home expecting to stay in. Maybe there would be internet at home? I could do homework even.

After some lunch and a short nap, I got up planning to go to the American club and maybe catch up on Skype? But decided that I could still get to the SIM place after getting pictures taken. Got the pictures, but the SIM place closed 10 minutes before I got there.

Time to go to the American club. A chocolate milkshake later, no one's awake on Skype, and I think it's time to call it a day.

Matan says I need a haircut. He says I look old. Maybe I do? Not sure a haircut would make a difference! This is me!
Here's a picture:

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  1. Don't feel bad if Matan says you look old, just ask him what it is he is seeing that looks old. 5 year old Mike asked me twice earlier this year, Grandma, how did you get old? I was so stunned, I had no good answer. Now I am primed to ask him what he is seeing and he hasn't asked so far. Perhaps the stress the indefiniteness of how things work oozes out.