Monday, October 19, 2009

beautiful weather, low energy

I must admit that every time I see the words snow and MN in the same sentence, I appreciate the sunny and warm weather here. Occasional rain, finally, out of the monsoon season (I think).

Matan decided that two days of Bangla lessons was enough work to do on vacation and I said as long as he tried one more day (today), he could stop. I still get so much out of every class period, but my cohort is ending as Rhoman leaves for Nepal and the States, and Aasta is not starting script since her consulting gig in Dhaka ends in November or December. I admit to thinking what 2 extra hours a day might mean in my schedule, but I'm still more interested in learning the letters. Feel like Alice in Wonderland here and am hoping that being able to figure out some signs might be helpful.

Students didn't do the work. Gee, that's familiar. 3 of 10 turned in essay #1 in the 2nd year comp class, though 3 more came in by the end of the day. Even written instructions for peer reviews did not clarify enough that the peer reviews had to go to the author of the paper, not (just) to me. What did they think the point was (other than that, yes, they do get points for doing them)? In the upper division theory class, 80% had not read the little tiny "Everyday Use" by Alice Walker. I didn't want to have the discussion of a formalist approach since it was so detailed and it wouldn't mean anything if they hadn't read it.

The spaghetti was even better as leftovers. Even the (just plain) tomato sauce is spicy. I especially liked the label on some cookies that listed the ingredients as flour, sugar, egg, milk, etc. I'd never seen "etc" listed like that! Don't think that's FDA compliant somehow.

The downside of getting a ride home is that I come directly home and go up those 5 flights of stairs and then it's really hard to move. I should go out for water or go to the club to go swimming. Or even go to the club and grade. But some days I just don't have more energy left.

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