Thursday, April 8, 2010

tent hospital

Went to the clinic near BRAC today and, on the way out, as I was hit with the steam heat outside, I saw the tent that is housing so many of the people who are very sick, mostly from the deteriorating water supplies. Over one thousand people admitted yesterday. Rows and rows and rows of cots. Seems impossible to imagine getting well in that heat.

I'm getting more tests done. Meanwhile this is now the fourth course of antibiotics in 2010. drinking lots of gatorade since I know that's got clean water in it, imported. My department head said she was shocked to hear that we weren't boiling our water, but our orientation last fall said that bottled water was fine. I think there's a problem here if I'm not getting this "obvious" information. Maybe the embassy could update? maybe the landlord could inquire? maybe the host department could check up? maybe it's all mine to figure out? I probably need to be talking more to other people finding out how things are done in their homes, sharing what I'm doing. I think Matan's school is probably my main source of information, so I wonder how others are getting it. I just hope we get the water filter this weekend.

not a lot of weekend plans. probably a good thing. oh well.

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  1. From the pictures, it looks like son Matan has gained in inches "way over you"...will we recognize him at O'Hare in June???
    Thanks for the many good snapshots. Mom