Sunday, December 20, 2009

in Israel

Matan and I have been here for a few days now (Wed-Sun), mostly on the kibbutz. The first few days had sandstorms, but yesterday was brilliant. Even Friday afternoon had cleared enough to go picking oranges. I've been grading off and on (really, with 16 papers, how can I even sit down more than once to do them?!) and will be done before the others arrive from the States.

When? who knows. They've been re-routed because of the snowstorm on the east coast. If they arrived in Newark, their new flight is scheduled to take off shortly. So, no, they're not arriving here Sun am. Earliest is now Sun 6pm.

So we're in Beer Sheva. Matan went rappeling yesterday with Doron -- pretty much all day. I'm being pampered with the best food ever, both on kibbutz and here. Hot bath. The quiet is a pleasure. So peaceful and sunny.

In a while I'll go get the rental car. May even try to solve the Bituah Leumi (national insurance) issues, though for some reason, they want us to come to their Ashkelon office(?). Still haven't made many plans, waiting for everyone to be here together.

Hope everyone is safe and warm!


  1. glad you and Matan arrived safely. We hope that Nitzan and Shaked come in soon. Happy hanukkah.
    John drove me to barrington on Sunday nite.....Let the Scrabble Games begin. Packers, Bears and Vikings all lost their games. Love, Mom

  2. Glad you are being pampered! Hi to Matan. Hope Nitzan and Shaked will be in Tel Aviv before the sunset comes down. John, Gus, and I wish you a very happy hanukkah and wonder if you are going to Eilat during your visit. It sure is a beautiful place based on the pictures I've seen.

  3. Kris, what is a sandstorm like? I don't think I've experienced one.

  4. Warm... we are not. But enjoying the snow. Don't you miss Minnesota?