Tuesday, December 8, 2009

another queasy morning

no, I don't think I'm dehydrated. my officemate is astounded by how much water I drink every day. maybe the water makes me queasy?!
too many mosquitoes. finally set up the "good knight" anti-mosquito systems. combination of electric and chemical gadget that runs all night. still 3 mosquitoes over my bed this morning when I woke up. earplugs help not to hear them all night.
not sure though if the bites are even mosquitoes. maybe more bedbugs? looks like I have measles.
good thing the grading is temporarily caught up. I can go out on the mission for 10 taka notes once again on the way to work this morning. Matan keeps needing all the ones I come up with in change.
cheerful, eh?


  1. I have been queasy from overhydration...not that this is definitely your problem because I have no idea. I just know it can happen.

  2. Ther is such a thing as water intoxication from drinking only water and not getting adequate electrolytes (sodium and potassium). If you are sweating a lot and just replacing with water, it could be a concern. If you drink fruit juice, apple, tomato, orange, or eat fresh fruit, a couple of times a day, that may help. Bruce discovered the value of tomato juice when he was sailing and felt really weak when he got off the boat and was ready to drive home, even after he had a snack. He started to take a 5 oz. can of tomato juice (a whopping 810mg sodium) and drive it with his snack and was energized for driving home.