Sunday, November 22, 2009

mostly very frightened

I hope that the local bank will be able to replace the atm card. Don't really want to list everything we have and don't have. Feeling very vulnerable.

Haven't slept enough to cope properly.

Need to get new photographs urgently: for local cards and on-the-spot visas in Nepal.

better get up and get going again. the cynical me wonders how much weight I lose on this one. during the first two months of anxiety, I lost over 10 kilos.


  1. If you can get them canceled, isn't the problem mostly the logistics of getting it replaced?

  2. and having access to adequate cash or credit during the next 4 weeks here, in Nepal and on the way to Israel. I think we'll be ok, but with a credit card in my bag, I don't actually dwell on it very much. Now I'm feeling edgy.

  3. I hope you can have direct communication with your credit card issuers in the states. If you by ay chance have Amex, they usually are very helpful in these situations. Is anyone there helping you? Don't be shy about asking for help. Hugs, Judith