Tuesday, November 10, 2009

kind of queasy

Came home after the first hour of class. Should have listened to my stomach before I left the house. Hope that it's only a mild version of Matan's gastro upset -- he was pretty miserable on Sunday, but better yesterday. At least there's still some chicken soup left!

I don't teach today so I figured I can prep at home. Fell asleep almost immediately.

Some odds and ends:
pictures of the new tablecloth,

our ready-for-the-weekend water supply,

and my class in script with David, the teacher, and Blanche (she's not the one from Maplewood).

a link to an article about global warming in a Dhaka refugee camp, a link about why college professors don't envy the young, and a link to an article questioning whether too many students go to college which I will surely use in the unit on educational philosophies in my comp classes.

maybe a few more pictures from the weekend.

Enough for today. Time to take another nap.

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  1. Matan looks to have grown 6 inches! Nice picture of the two of you. Hope you feel better soon. Carol